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Zionist Comments leave Ken Livingstone suspended. But what is Zionism?

Former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has been suspended from the Labour Party over disputes surrounding Zionism.

So what is Zionism? In its most basic terms, Zionism is a movement which aims to ultimately return Jewish people to ‘Zion,’ which translates to the land of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel.

Livingstone made remarks regarding Hitler which made him come across as a ‘Nazi apologist.’ Labour MP John Mann was heard shouting at Livingstone in a row. Mann shouted to Livingtone:

“You’re rewriting history. Go back and check what Hitler did – the book is called Mein Kampf.”

To help to clarify the situation, the public have been expressing their opinions on public media sites.

@JIGGLEIN on Twitter clarify what Hitler’s opinion on Zionism was in order to shed light on the matter:




From social media it is clear to see that there are a variety of opinions on Zionism, with ‘Zionist’ trending on twitter:

@Samir_Osman92 tweeted: “Zionism is trending. Good. Now perhaps people can educate themselves about how Palestinians have suffered as a result of Zionist policy”

@jonlansman notes that Ken Livingstone should no longer be in ‘politics altogether.’

Through making remarks, Livingstone has brought Zionism into the public eye. His comments are subject to opinion and currently an investigation is underway by the Labour party. The public can only wait and see what the future brings for Ken Livingstone and what comes from his controversial comments.

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