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Zara launches Genderless Clothing Line

Over the past few years, gender neutral fashion has been on the rise between designers and retailers, proving that it’s not just a ‘trend’.


Recently, Spanish retailer Zara quietly launched a new unisex collection called ‘Ungendered’, available on their website under the TRF section. The 8-piece line is composed by minimalist basics, such as denim, T-Shirts, a sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms, all in neutral colours, straight cuts and without any embellishment. Prices are very affordable, from £9.99 to £29.99.

Credit: zara.com

Credit: zara.com

Zara isn’t the first store to offer gender fluid clothes; last year, Selfridges launched a genderless pop-up shop, ‘Agender’, and it is predictable that many others will follow suit.

However, even if this is a step forward for the future, the Zara collection has been received with mixed reviews, mostly because of its simplicity and because of the fact that it looks more like ‘androgynous’ fashion rather than gender neutral.

For more details: zara.com

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