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Young People Abstain from Alcohol

Not drinking alcohol has many improvements on health, as well as on relationships, and young people are taking action. Being tee-total is on the increase among young people and they are drinking less than older generations:

In a study carried out by drinkaware it was found that “48% of people aged 16-24 had consumed alcohol in the past week compared with 57% of those aged 65 and over”. This displays that younger people do not drink as much as it may appear.

Today you can buy alcoholic drinks at extremely low prices, for example, in some retail stores you can currently get:

– 2 litres of Taurus Dry Cider for only £1.99.

– 24x 275ml bottles of VS Vodka Drink for £16.56.

– Echo Falls 75cl Bottle of Wine for £3.99.

Although alcohol prices are pretty cheap, making it almost too easy to obtain, many students and young people are not drinking.

So why are people refraining from drinking, cutting it out of their life for good, or drinking less on nights out? Change is occurring due to a number of reasons. Here are a few comments that I have heard:


“I always feel really emotional and sensitive when hungover.”


“It’s not worth it.”

Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

“When I go out, I always have an argument or get into a fight.”


“I had a bad experience, so I don’t drink much now.”

Photo Adam Armstrong. Picture: Archive News Ltd


“I can’t afford to drink when at the club, so I just have a few beforehand.”


“I would rather remember the night out.”


“It is really bad for my health. I would prefer to go to the gym.”



It seems as though young people are considering their own health, mental well-being and finances (perhaps more so than other generations).

Is this due to education on the consequences of alcohol consumption?

Are young people rebelling, wanting to change their stereotype of being drunkards?

Or, perhaps people are finally realising that the consequences are real, and they do not need to get absolutely wasted to have a good time.




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