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‘Yeti’ caught on camera in Pyrenees Mountains, Spain

A video was captured at a ski resort in the Pyrenees mountains of Northeastern Spain on January 29, uploaded by a user named Kangaroo (since removed).

The skier who uploaded the video wrote the caption:

“Strange animal spotted in Formigal. What the hell is this?”

The video is the usual potato quality, however the images taken are pretty hi resolution.



yeti 1


A spokesman for the resort, tried to reassure visitors saying: “We have spoken to the witnesses of the sighting to identify the area in which it took place and after combing the area we have found nothing.

“We believe therefore that there is no cause for alarm and that visitors’ security is guaranteed.

“In any case we will remain alert.”

The upload sparked debate about exactly what the creature is. Some argued that it was a polar bear, a man in mountain camouflage or just a man in a furry suit.

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