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Fire engines fought to gain access to the property and put out the blaze. Image courtesy of

Woman in house blast murdered, say police

According to the police, a woman who was found dead along with her husband following an explosion at their Derbyshire home, was murdered.

The deaths are now being treated as suspicious.

Police investigating the crime believe that Shelley Saxton-Cooper, 45, was wounded prior to the blast that burned down her home on Sunday morning.


The fire, that spawned as a result of the initial blast, destroyed the house. Simon Saxton-Cooper, 50, was found dead alongside his wife, his body was pulled from the wrecked home in Riddings – near Alferton – Derbyshire.

At this moment in time officers do not believe that anyone other than the couple was involved in the deaths.

Specialists have spent time at the scene attempting to find the cause of the explosion. Chief Superintendent Sunita Gamblin said “We believe that Shelley, who was 45-years-old, was wounded before the explosion and fire and we are treating her death as murder… We’re still unable to say how either she or her husband died as post mortem examinations haven’t been completed.

“Police, crime scene investigators and fire investigation specialists are working through the scene of the fire to find out exactly how it started and what happened.

“We don’t believe, at this time, that anyone else is involved.”

The spokesman further added that trained officers are currently working alongside the families.

The house was engulfed by flames at approximately 7.30am on Sunday Morning, with neighbours reportedly becoming aware of the danger after hearing the initial blast prior to eventual fire.

The whole of Valley View Road had to be cordoned off as six fire engines fought to gain access to the property and put out the blaze.

Both bodies were found in the bedroom of the house.

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