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View of Tbilisi from the zoo (Image by Timon91; Flickr. Edited.)

Wild animals escaped from zoo in Georgia

Heavy flooding has damaged the caging of a zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the early hours of Sunday morning, causing several wild animals to escape.

Three zoo workers, as well as eight other people have reportedly died in theflood, according to the AFP news agency.

Among the animals on the loose are tigers, lions, bears and wolves. A hippopotamus has been recovered from one of the city’s main squares after being shot with a tranquiliser.


According to a local news source, an estimated 300 animals have escaped the zoo. Some have been shot by police, other captured. It is uncertain how many are still missing.

The 1.1 million inhabitants of Tbilisi have been warned to stay indoors and to avoid approaching the animals.

The flood caused severe damage in the Georgian capital on Saturday night, destroying houses and drowning roads. Rescue efforts are still underway, after heavy rain surprised inhabitants.


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