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Why is it all going wrong at Mercedes?

Ever since the world governing body for Motorsport (FIA) introduced a host of rule changes at the start of the 2014 season the Mercedes F1 team have dominated proceedings. After winning both the world drivers and constructors championships and acquiring thirty two race wins over two years it seems that nothing can stop them and that things could not be better. So why is there talk of dismantling their successful driver partnership of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg?

To put it bluntly, because both their drivers behave like bickering teenagers and despite the plethora of trophies plundered, it seems the team’s senior management has simply had enough of the bad atmosphere. Both Hamilton and Rosberg are understandably jubilant when they win, but are morose and irritable when they do not. Blaming almost anything and anyone but themselves when they are below the top step of the podium at a grand prix weekend.

It seems that despite the shared success the team are tired of attempting to smooth out the fragile relationship between its two drivers. Surprisingly it seems it may be Hamilton who will be shown the door. Surprising because he is brilliant in the car, a three times world champion and has only recently signed a massive multi-year contract. However the emotional baggage Hamilton brings with him can be a drain as is his constant need to surround himself with Hollywood A-listers and celebs. It seems his newly established, superficial, playboy lifestyle has worn thin with a squad whose ethos is based around maintaining a strong team ethic.


It would seem crazy for Mercedes to dispense with the services of such a great driver in his prime, but with his off track distractions and daft haircut, who could really blame them?


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