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Why everyone should work at an overseas summer camp, at least once in their lives

The associated norm of life is usually regarded with education, work, a fair amount of stress and a mix of that occasional sense of enjoyment.  This gives reason why summer is so valuable, it’s the time where people take holidays, do a lot more activities and are generally a great deal happier, however the summer can be short lived and whether you’re a student or working 9 till 5, as a population we always feel that we’re being pushed further and further to reach our goals and aspiration; which is why I decided to make the choice of working at a summer camp in America. Freshly graduating from university, I felt slightly at loss with the direction my life was going in regarding my career, so I thought it would be beneficial to spend my summer at camp learning new skills and making a difference in people’s lives, whilst also having the opportunity to meet new people and travel to some amazing places.

When I first begun my journey working at a summer camp; located in Thompson, Pennsylvania, I came across feeling very alienated and hesitant due to new environments and fellow peers, however these feelings abruptly came to an end as my time progressed throughout my stay at camp.  When you’re surrounded by the people who slowly become your family; people you can rely on, shed tears with and together create some amazing experiences- it ends up making your time at a summer camp feel very euphoric.


With this being said, despite all the fun and happy times you’ll experience, there will be days, maybe even weeks that really grind you down. Camp can be a harsh and unpredictable environment, which in many respects can be the said for life in general. You’ll feel physically and emotionally drained, you’ll be pushed to your limits. however by having a community of co-workers and campers all in the same boat supporting one another, makes the most impossible task plausible. The hard days makes it all worthwhile and throughout the tough times, you begin to learn and experience some valuable skills whether you know it or not. You begin to learn the value of hard work and all the benefits that come with it, you begin to push yourself as an individual whilst at the same time, gain vital experiences regarding team-work and when you come out of that bad patch; which you will, you’ll learn that hard work does indeed pay off and at the same time, really gain the true meaning of camaraderie.

In addition to this, when you become more established at a summer camp you begin to realise that camp counsellors are good communicators. They are problem solvers and creative thinkers. You build yourself into a strong team player, leader and above all a determined and distinguished worker which can all be added to the CV.

Alongside the working aspect of a summer camp, one of the most valuable feelings you’ll take home with you is the friendships and experiences you gain throughout your stay. You’ll meet people you think you’d never get along with thus beginning to gain a better understanding of different persona’s and personalities. Once employment at the camp has been completed, you have the opportunity to travel, in which I took full use of. Myself along with four others travelled parts of the east and west coasts of America, involving ourselves in music concerts in Philadelphia, to driving down Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles and like camp, the travelling part is as important. I began to learn more about myself, what I was capable of and what I could offer in regards to my career. In addition to this, you gain a different perspective in life, when you’re faced with times that may come rough, you learnt to know that there are always alternatives, , people who will do nothing but help you and support you along your journey; like my travelling companions did during my journey throughout America.


However, there is something to be said whilst working at a summer camp. You won’t get the same entities working at a desk and chair nor will you having the same working for your day to day job, but there is something working for a camp that has an effect on you, your CV and the way you look at life. The benefits are endless; not only will you be making an impact on the younger generation but you’ll be making an impact on yourself with an unpredictable, never boring job, that you can take home with you and apply it to your aspirations in life. So if you’re looking to do something different in the summer, wanting to push yourself, seeing what your capable of and at the same time do some exploring whilst making some long lasting friendship, maybe working a summer camp is what you need.

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