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Why Camp When You Can Glamp?

If the thought of going camping makes you recoil with the idea of deciphering how to put up the tent, cooking on a fire or sleeping with creepy crawlies, but you’d still love an outdoor adventure, then have you tried glamping? This trend in glamorous camping has taken off considerably over recent years and new glamping resorts are springing up all over the UK and the rest of the world as an original holiday experience.

If you decide on a glamping holiday, you can forget about having to prepare all the camping extras like a sleeping bag, cooking facilities and remembering the required amount of straight tent pegs! Instead, you just have to pack a suitcase (not a rucksack!) in the same way you’d do when spending a night in a B&B or hotel.

Glamping resorts are getting more lavish in their facilities and offer a unique choice of accommodation. Choose between yurts, cabins, renovated trailers, or wagons and, for the more adventurous, even tree houses! On a glamping holiday, you’ll have a real mattress to sleep on and can even have running water for a bath. Prices vary hugely between economy to super luxury so whatever your budget, you can enjoy quality time from the equivalent of a hotel room but in the great outdoors.

But lets not forget that despite the luxury, glamping is still essentially a different perspective on camping. Resorts are usually set in beautiful settings where indulge yourself in the natural surroundings and all it entails. You can still stoke the fire of an warm evening and star gaze under the moonlight, but just in a more stylish and modern way. And when you leave, you can simply pack up your bags without having to pack the tent down too!


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