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Where can you have fun this Winter vacation?

After a term of tedious study, winter vacation has finally started! So, have you planned where to go? Why not take a look here? Here are some top spots to have fun in this winter.


Christmas Markets



Christmas Markets are definitely great places to have fun. You will have the chance to see different things and people, as well as to taste delicious food! There are many Christmas markets in U.K and some unique markets from other parts of Europe, such as in Scandinavia. The most important thing is that it is totally affordable! Most of the markets don’t require you to pay an entry fee so you can just walk in and have fun. It’s also an ideal place to pick up some Christmas gifts for your family and friends.


Somerset skating

Like Christmas markets, ice rinks are also really popular places to visit as they usually tend to only open during the Winter months. You can find many ice rinks in London. But if you are far away from London, don’t worry. There are also ice rinks in other cities, such as Birmingham, Brighton, Oxford, York, etc.


Ski in Europe

Ski in Europe

Skiing is undoubtedly an ideal sport playing in the winter. You don’t have to go to Switzerland to enjoy skiing. How about Scotland? Scotland can give you a fantastic skiing journey as well. There are several ski resorts for you to choose so if you’re stuck for choice why not have a google and see which one you like the best!

Here are some links to some popular resorts:

Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are a big holiday tradition in the U.K. Almost all the churches have a free Christmas service on Christmas Eve. You will have the opportunity to enjoy some traditional Christmas Carols, including Silent Night, Joy to the World and Good King Wenceslas. Make sure to arrive early though, they can get pretty packed!

New Year’s Fireworks


Have you thought about your New Year’s Eve plans yet? You must hurry, places will be getting booked up fast even now. The ultimate celebration is definitely London’s fireworks display! You can enjoy the festive atmosphere and brilliant fireworks closely. However, if you can’t make it, don’t worry you view it on live TV and get to see all the best parts without being in the cold- bonus!




Would you like to see what they call the greatest show on Earth? Do you want to witness beautiful natural creations? Are you a scenery-aholic? If your answer is yes to these questions, then going to see the Northern Lights in person may be for you. The best place to see it is in Iceland.

Well, there you go, there are many places to visit and things to do during the Winter vacation. Enjoy!


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