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When Will I Be Famous?

The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor and a whole host of other reality television shows, as well as celebrity magazines of course, have played their part in creating a culture where everyone wants to be a star. Whereas Andy Warhol’s famous quote reveals that “in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, the school leavers of today want to be famous, period.

Some may have a passion for acting, singing or dancing, but an alarming percentage of those are interested in the fame that they think this will bring them as opposed to growing within their career choice. Rather like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl – they want it NOW!

One actress who attended a school careers evening in order to give a talk on acting as a job admitted that her queue of eager students was the longest. Her advice may not have been what the over-excited young wannabes wanted to hear, but she suggested they try doing a University degree where they could still incorporate the art form they were interested in. In this competitive age where one requires extra strings to their proverbial bow to succeed, this is sound advice.

A career as an actor, singer or dancer is one of those jobs that you’ll do if you absolutely can’t imagine yourself doing anything else in the world and you’re not going to settle for an alternative, that’s the message that comes across from people in the business. There is something like 92% of the profession out of work at any one time, so you’ve got to WANT to do it.

Actress Felicity Dean likes to use the quote “love the art in yourself not yourself in the art”, and I believe that’s something for the star-struck generation to think about.

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