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What The World Doesn’t Want To Know About Us…

Most people won’t have heard about it, but there was an enormous police display in Turkey just two days ago. Hundreds of women, both in Istanbul and Ankara, took to the streets just because they just wanted to show everyone their conditions; they were just trying to voice their view about women’s rights, and to plead for a little bit more of equality, whether it was at work or just at home.

So, what did the police do? They grabbed their plastic shields and threw tear gas at these women. Oh, and they didn’t forget to use their rubber bullets either

Perhaps the reason in the clash was just to silence them, but the truth is, that both the police and the Turkish government did not succeed. And, there’s one more detail: the police had to do all this just because women have been banned to protest on March 8th, the International Women’s Day celebration!

Credit: REUTERS / Osman Orsal

Credit: REUTERS / Osman Orsal

Sometimes, this is the only day of the year, when almost everyone remembers that women still suffer all around the world, in some places much more than others. This is a day in which many people not only celebrate women who have empowered us but share their pictures in defence of women, in the ongoing defence of equality. Women are still far from gaining completely what they really want, which is nothing but respect.

Would it be that bad that all girls could choose what to do? Both in Africa and Asia, there are thousands of girls that want to go to school. They don’t want power, they just want to be educated, and to have the same opportunities as a boy would have. But, instead, they’re not allowed to do so…just because they have the responsibility to become mothers one day.

Woman protesting today in Pakistan. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Woman protesting today in Pakistan.
Credit: AFP/Getty Images

One of the saddest things is that, in what we call the First World, there’s still so much ignorance about what women can do. There’s still a kind of strange mistrust when women read, when they think…or, what’s worse, when they have an idea. Why is everybody so afraid of us? At least, we can be glad that we have representation in many countries’ governments (even if it’s less than we’d like) but for sure, many of these women must still cook their husband’s dinner. Why? Because that was what their families expected from them, and some, would still feel weird if they didn’t do it.

It should also be considered as a shame that there’s lots of things that women do, but are not shown on the media every day. Of the 15 world’s most powerful women, you’ll probably know the name of three or four. Did you know that South Korea’s president is a woman? Also, the CEO of YouTube is a woman! And despite having such an important job, they’ll be paid less, just because they’re not men.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube. Credit:

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.

Today’s hashtag is #OneDayIWill: an imaginative campaign for women to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be. It’s not easy to make your dreams come true, and much less so sometimes if you’re a woman. However, it’s still possible to dream of a world that treats everyone as an equal, because women deserve to get what they want, and they also deserve to get it in a fair manner. We only want respect. To choose what we do and with who we want to stay (in case we want so). Would that be a lot? For some, I would be asking too much. Because I’m a woman.

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