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What is freshers week?

Freshers week is a period of time when you can settle into your new University, make friends and join societies before you embark on your studies. Here is a guide to what you can expect and what you should do.

Move in and meet new people!

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Get to your halls early so you can do all your unpacking. Now is the time to meet new people, don’t be shy! Keep you door open as a way so people know you are there and meet and greet the other students in your dormitory.

Fresher’s week is unique as everyone doesn’t know each other yet and won’t be formed into friendship groups.

When you meet one person, go around with them and knock on others doors and introduce yourself.


If you meet someone from your course, exchange numbers so you can go to lectures with them. You could also arrange a group outing to the student bar.

Its ok to feel homesick. Making new friends and discussing it with them helps a lot. You will probably find that they have experienced the same thing.

Discover your campus and explore the area

Explore the campus and find your subject department. You could also see where the best places to eat in the town or city are, where to get supplies, galleries, museums etc.

Freshers fair and joining societies


The great thing about Uni is that there are hundreds of society groups where you can meet people who have similar hobbies to yourself. Sports, video games, entrepreneur, anime, youtube, film, art, wine tasting are all examples of societies you might find.

Freshers fair is something you certainly shouldn’t miss. Here you can visit the society stalls and sign up to all the ones that interest you and get hundreds of freebies (hats, stickers, badges, keyrings, bags, Frisbees you name it).

You might even see this as a time to try a new hobby.

Luckily most societies have a ‘taster’ period where you can try out their events for free for a week or two. Afterwards to become a member you will pay a small fee.

So what are you waiting for sign up and try a few sessions of Tae Kwon do or pick up a pencil and join life drawing classes!

Going out


Going out with your new friends on a night out is a great way to bond, even if you don’t drink. Make sure you get your tickets for freshers clubs events early as these are often very popular and can sell out fast.

  • Don’t worry if you get nervous when going out, remember everyone is in the same boat.
  • Take some cash with you as cash machines may be far away.
  • Get your new friend’s phone numbers in case you get lose.

Budget properly


Be careful about spending too much in freshers week, as it has to last the term! If you are on a student loan or scholarship then stock up on bargains and try not to dine out all the time.

Even with books, check the library first or online ebooks before purchasing them.



We aware that in communal kitchens food is usually not communal. Some cultures do not understand this at first, angering other students in halls.

If you agree with the other students on your floor, it can work out cheaper to cook together sharing ingredients, but again if no one has agreed to this DO NOT TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S FOOD!

It is also popular for students to eat ready meals frequently. However they can actually work out more expensive then cooking from fresh ingredients  in the long run. As well as this, ready meals are full of salt and preservatives which are extremely unhealthy for you body when eaten daily.




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