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West End Live – Over 30 Shows in One Weekend

Tickets to West end shows are becoming increasingly higher priced. Add the cost of a programme, refreshments and possibly merchandise from the show you’re seeing, and there’s a reason that this sort of entertainment is not high on priority lists, even though it may be on wish lists!

So, if you could see over 30 top West End shows on one stage and free of charge, would you? The good news is that you can! On Saturday 18th ad Sunday 19th June, West End Live comes to Trafalgar Square in London and offers the chance for you to see clips from a variety of popular hit shows. In addition there are exhibits from cultural institutions, last year these included The Science Museum and Angel Theatre Group.



Last year’s shows who pitched up on stage and wowed over 500,000 people, included Gypsy, Jersey Boys, Wicked and Sunny Afternoon. Gates open on Saturday 18th June at 10:30 for an 11:00 start and at 11:30 on Sunday 19th June for a 12:00 start. Once the venue reaches capacity the queue to get in will be at a stand still, so arriving early is a must, but you won’t require a ticket.

The weekend is certainly worth taking advantage of (how often do you get something for nothing, these days?), it provides the perfect opportunity to see shows that might not have otherwise been on your radar, and might inspire a ticket purchase, too.

Do remember to take an umbrella as the venue has no cover overhead and this is London, after all! Plus, in case we do see some Summer sunshine,  water is available from the various vendors and it’s wise to equip yourself with some to be on the safe side.

Visit http://www.westendlive.co.uk/ for information and to see lots of great clips from the previous event.

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