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Watch SpaceX Rocket Explode After Launch

The Falcon 9 Space X Rocket breaks up during launch to international space station.

Despite previous 18 successful launches after its 2010 debut, the disaster marks California’s third failed attempt this year to land a reusable rocket booster back on its platform barge in the ocean after launching.

Launching from Florida, the Falcon 9 rocket disintegrates at 208ft(63metres) in the air and then showering into the Atlantic Ocean.

It is estimated an over pressurised liquid-tank to the rocket’s upper stage caused the rocket’s disaster. However the explanation to the failure is unknown as NASA commentator says, “The vehicle has broken up. At this point it is not clear to the launch team exactly what happened.”

Reaching supersonic speed, the rocket was carrying more than 5,200lb (2,360kg) of gear, which included food, supplies and science experiments.

NASA Associate Administrator Bill Gerstenmaier expresses his disappointed on the disaster explaining how “we lost a lot of research equipment on this flight.

The disaster has not damage goals as Space X hope to one day make rockets as reusable as airplanes.


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