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Was it definitely 22 years ago?

This day in 1994 marked the release of what would become the most inspiring record of a generation.

‘Definitely Maybe’ by Oasis, 5 lads from the suburb of Manchester, Burnage to be more specific brought to the public songs and melodies that would become timeless and an inspiration to many. The sound of 5 guys willing to escape the rainy North of England and live the life of rock’n’roll stars, and they surely did.

The LP delivers a strong and powerful message, the will to be successful and brings to you the sound of the Northern working class.

Definitely Maybe album cover.credit@consequenceofsound.net

Definitely Maybe album [email protected]

Grunge and American bands with the likes of Nirvana were very popular in the UK at the time and Oasis brought back Britishness and  hope following the aftermath of the Thatcher years and the disenchantment with the political climate in the UK at the time.

‘Tonight I’m a rock ’n’ roll star’ Liam strongly sings in his Umbro top shaking his tambourine looking young and fresh and embodying ‘what a rock ’n’ roll star should be like.’ Other songs in the LP include ‘Bring it on down’, you can’t do better than this one.

So it is no wonder than 22 years on, the record is still celebrated, listened to and often mentioned as an inspiration by many upcoming bands. Therefore, I would advise you to grab it and play at full blast today, it will make your bank holiday a good one!


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