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Visit the ‘Wild Cats’ at Paradise Park, Hertfordshire

Some of the most amazing animals live in the wild, mostly in countries that are no where near the United Kingdom. These include Tigers, Snow Leopards, Lion’s, Cheetah’s, Panda’s, Gorilla’s and Polar Bears. Paradise Wildlife Park provides a large range of these animals as well as only wild cats. It holds animals that everyone in the family will enjoy to see, such as Reptiles, Wolfs, foxes, Lemurs, Camels, Raccoons, The Red Panda, Otters, Meerkats, birds, Ocelots, Wallaby’s, the Patagonian Mara, The Black and White Ruff, farm animals and even Skunks.

The Wild Cats of Paradise Park include:




Snow Leopards are found in the wild of Central and South Asia and their population is only around 4,000 – 7,000. They eat mountain sheep and goats, even at the size that is doubled their own. Snow Leopards can reach the size of 2 feet from their solders and can get to 86 – 125 cm in length. As adults they can weigh up to 77 – 120 lbs and a Snow Leopards tail can get to 80 – 105 cm long. They can jump up to nine meters and when hunting can pounce on their pray from 20 – 50 feet. What’s fascinating is that unlike other cats they can’t roar.





White tigers are only found in Captivity today. They were once found in the Indian States of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar in the Sunderbans regions and the state of Rewa. They are rare today because only one in every 15,000 Bengal tigers possess the gene of becoming a White Tiger, as well of their mutation robbing them of their camouflage. This caused them to rarely live long enough to breed in the wild.

White Tigers can reach the size 6.8 ft – 11 ft and can weigh 309 – 660 lbs. As adults their tail can grow as long as 24 – 43 inches and can run as fast as 60 mph.





Lions are found in the wild of African countries. 30 – 35,00 Lions remain in the wild and unlike other wild cats they are extremely sociable, living in packs called ‘Prides’. They hunt mostly large animals such as the Zebra and Wildebeest but if they are unavailable then they will eat Rabbits, Fish and Rodents. Females hunt while the males guard their Pride and Land. Lions can reach the speed of 81 km/h, although they can only do so for a short period of time, this means they have to be close to their prey before pouncing on it.

Lions are the second largest Wild cat reaching 4.5 – 6.5 feet in length and 1.2 meters in height. A fully grown adult’s tail can grow as long as 26.25 – 39.5 inches.




Cheetah’s are found in the wild of Eastern and Southern Africa and Iran, with only 9,000 – 12,000 left in the wild today. They can reach 3.5 to 4.5 feet in size and as adults their tails can be as long as  25.5 to 31.5 inches. A fully grown adult Cheetah can weigh up to 77 to 143 lbs.

Cheetah’s are the fastest animals on earth, reaching the speed of 109.4 – 120.7 km/h. Being able to easily hunt on their prey. Their prey includes a lot of animals, these include mostly small Antelopes and if hunting together will hunt Wildebeests, Zebra’s, Hares, small mammals and small birds.

If you want to see these animals and wild cats first hand and close up then visit Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire located in Broxbourne EN10 7QA. It is the best animal Wildlife Park for any animal lover to visit.

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