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(Picture: Instagram/thebagelstore)

Viral rainbow bagel place shuts down because of popularity

The internet went mad when Johnathan Cheban shared a photo of his rainbow bagels on Instagram.

These colourful, candy floss wonders not only looked Instagrammably good but also tasted wonderful.

And look at how they are made.


The creator Scot Rossillo has been making them for 20 years, but after the bagels went viral, popularity soared. The Bagel Store, Bedford Avenue had customers queuing up for hours everyday to try and buy one. The business was making 800 bagels a day but that still did not meet the demand as each one must be made by hand.

On February 16 the owners said that the location would therefore be closed. This will also include online orders after they were unable to fulfil them.

Luckily for New Yorkers the bigger shop on Metropolitan Avenue remains open.


#RainbowBagels make your mornings bright 🌟 photo by: @elysenavidad_3

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