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Violence in the Holy Land

As Bethlehem suffers a three month-long wave of violence, four Palestinians were killed on Thursday just as tourists and Christians gathered for Christmas celebrations. Some of the many celebrations were cancelled or curtailed because of the recent violence.

Rula Maayah, the Palestinian Tourism Minister said, “We’re in Bethlehem celebrating the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the birthplace of the King of Peace so what we want is peace.”

Three Palestinians were killed after they attempted attacks against Israelis across the West Bank. Another was hit in the head by live fire in a refugee camp during an arrest attempt when Israeli troops encountered a violent mob. Troops returned fire, killing the Palestinian gunman.


85 of the estimated 124 Palestinians killed in recent clashes died in attacks on Israelis. Earlier in the week two Palestinian attackers were killed after they stabbed and killed an Israeli man. Another Israeli man died after he was shot by Israeli police trying to stop the attackers.

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