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Video: coast guard tries to sink refugee boat

WARNING: some viewers may find this video disturbing.

Refugees including children who were fleeing from war torn Syria have been caught on camera in the Aegean Sea on a rubber dinghy. Footage shows a Greek coast guard reportedly trying to pierce their boat and drown them.


The video, according to reports was captured by members of the Turkish coast guard on November, 12. The horrific footage has now gone viral and prompted outrage by Human Rights Watch who raised the alarm.

The footage of the dinghy which was reportedly carrying up to 60 people who screamed for help in the dark was released by Turkish officials who have now issued a complaint towards the Greek government.

The Greek coastguard left the scene just after the boat started to sink, and luckily a Turkish boat arrived to take drowning refugees on board and transport them back to the Turkish city of Didim.

This has now brought into question whether this has been happening to other refugees trying to cross over to Greece.


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