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Unique experiences around Europe – Part 2

Carrying on from yesterday’s article of the first part of unique experiences around Europe, here are some more experiences to add on to your Europe chronicles!

  • Venice Carnival, Italy


Masks adorning their faces, scores of people traipse around in their bright robes and period costumes amidst loud music and dancing all around San Marco Square., visiting Venice during its Carnival time is like stepping into an 18th century fantasyland.

The traditional beginning to the carnival is marked by a festival called ‘’The flight of the Angel’ where usually a famous woman leaps from the St Marks Tower amidst thunderous applause. Starting this moment, throughout the period of the festival, one can be a part of various elite masquerade balls as well as street demonstrations and parades with people wearing elaborate costumes and striking masks. Some of these events end up being real pageants adjudging best costumes in the carnival!

The final day of the carnival, called Shrove Tuesday falls 40 days before Easter and ends with massive celebrations along the Grand Canal followed by fireworks again above St Marks.

  • Tomorrowland , Belgium


For a die-hard music lover, there is no other place to be in July than Tomorrowland. This whimsical electronic music and dance festival is hosted in Boom every year attracting over 100,000 visitors. Although passes can be expensive, this 3 day music festival is revered to be an experience of a lifetime – a sheer love for music being the only inspiration seducing people from all over the world. With over 14 stages, each decorated with a different theme, what sets Tomorrow land apart is the electric atmosphere and of course, the eclectic crowd. The colossal Main stage is extensively and intricately decorated each year for the best DJ’s around the world to play while stunning lasers, splendid fireworks and colourful dancers provide for an enchanting backdrop. This festival is celebration in its purest form and we suggest camping at the venue the best way to experience this European extravaganza!


  • Mevlana Festival (whirling Dervishes) , Turkey



Bracing the bitter cold in the month of December, thousands of people gather in the conservative city of Konya for a sacred event called the Mevlana Festival. Held between the 10th and the 17th December every year, the latter date commemorating the anniversary of Saint Rumi’s demise, the Mevlana (Whirling Dervishes) festival is a weeklong ceremony observed by the followers of Sufi saint Rumi, a 13th century scholar. All through the festival, the dervishes enthral the crowd with their rhythmic trans-inducing whirling, a ceremonial dance called the Sema considered to be a form of remembrance of God. In their traditional white robes spinning, with one hand raised to the sky heart, another pointing towards earth and the ney playing at the background, this spiritual dance is a mesmerising performance to say a least, making a path for the ultimate union with God through dance.

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