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UK Clears Schedule to Debate Syrian Airstrikes

A Labour party spokesman said that Prime Minister David Cameron has failed to make a convincing case for military action in Syria and that, “…opinion is drifting away from him, ” after Cameron cautioned MPs, “You should not be walking through the lobbies with (labour leader) Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathizers.”

The cabinet agreed to scrap all the day’s business to allow a vote on Syria and agreed to a 12-point motion incorporating the main points of a motion passed in September paving the way for the Royal Air Force to extend airstrikes against Islamic State targets from Iraq to Syria.

The entire process is described as absolute chaos within the cabinet as MPs are crying and jittery about the vitriol and bullying lobbied at them by anti-war demonstrators, pro-airstrike members, frontbenchers, backbenchers and shadow cabinets.


Senior MP Ann Coffey expressed concern about the tension, “The level of bullying and intimidation is at a level that I have never ever experienced before,” she said. “I’ve seen these kinds of tactics before, which are basically designed to bully and threaten and frighten people into not exercising their vote in a way that they might otherwise have done. That poses a serious threat to the democratic process. When you attack and bully elected representatives in order to get them to change their minds, you are actually attacking the very basis of our democracy.”

The government motion would authorize air strikes exclusively against IS in Syria only and will not authorize deploying ground troops.

Liberal Democrat, Tim Farron said in writing that he is aware that many in the party will disagree with the decision he made but he did so because, “the threat to Britain and our allies is clear.”

Cameron warned that if Tory MPs voted against the air strikes they risk undermining a strong message the UK is standing alongside its allies including France and the US – already engaged in military action.

Shadow energy minister Clive Lewis, an ally of Corbyn said, “If there are members of the PLP that want to bomb Syria and join with the Tories then on their heads be it. I respect that decision in the sense that they’ve come to the decision they have.”

Some estimates indicate that at least 360 MPs are likely to vote in favor of air strikes while 170 are against.

Wednesday’s entire parliamentary schedule will be cleared for continued debate.

Anti-war demonstrators in the streets of London


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