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Uber driver fired after being verbally abused by wealthy Michigan student

A wealthy University of Michigan student whose verbal attack on an Uber driver  has gone viral. The driver, Artur Zawada has been fired after he was accused of being anti-semitic.

Jake Croman, son of New York real estate developer Steven Croman, verbally taunted Uber driver Artur Zawada after he refused to drive them anymore.


Mr Zawada filmed and uploaded a video of the incident which has been viewed more than 800,000 times.

“You’re canceling us again why? For what?” Mr Croman, a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, asked him.

“They [Uber] don’t give a s**t about you. They don’t give two f***s. There’s 50 of you, and there is one of me here. Who spends the most money, you little f***?”

Mr Zawada filed a criminal complaint with Ann Arbor police.

Mr Zawada was fired by Uber as there were claims that he was uttering anti-semitic remarks the Michigan Review reported.

Mr Zawada strongly denied the claims.

“They do whatever they want,” said Mr Zawada. “No call, no email, no legal doc. I’m losing money everyday, and I did nothing wrong.”

Mr Croman said in a statement to media outlets including BuzzFeed News that the driver had refused to pick him up due to the driver being anti-semitic.

“What you don’t see in the video is that the driver had made a number of offensive anti-Semitic remarks that provoked my response,” he said. ”I am not proud of my reaction to his discrimination and I regret my choice of words. Shortly after the verbal altercation, I filed a complaint with the Ann Arbor Police Department and they are now dealing with the issue.”

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