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Typhoon Mujidae tears into southern China

Typhoon Mujidae, or ‘rainbow’ in Korean is savaging the southern coast of China after tearing through the northern Philippines and making landfall on Sunday, leaving at least five dead and many more missing.

The typhoon’s landfall has also caused a number of powerful tornadoes which have added to the devastation which has left hundreds injured.


The typhoon hit the coastal city of Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, at around 2pm Sunday with wind speeds reaching up to 180 kilometres per hour, killing at least one fisherman and leaving more than a dozen still missing according to Xinhua News Agency.

By this morning, the typhoon had moved into the neighbouring region of Guangxi and its high wind speed dropped to 54 kilometres per hour. The region had ordered 12,700 fishing boats and 35,400 offshore workers to return to port.

The typhoon lashed southern China, including the resort island province of Hainan, where thousands of Chinese have flocked during the weeklong National Day holiday that runs through Wednesday.

A statement from the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong claimed that that at least one car had been swept away by a tornado, killing the driver.

Meanwhile, more than 500 tourists were sheltering in hotels in Guangdong’s Fangji island after attempts to evacuate them were disrupted by high winds, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

Nearly 200 fishermen in the Philippines had been reported missing at the height of the storm, mostly from the provinces of Pangasinan and La Union, but most sailed back home after taking shelter or were rescued at sea.


Image courtesy of Paul Chiorean via Flickr

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