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5 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is still a bit of a secret to travellers which is why it makes for a great destination to escape from the usual tourist trails and seek out something different from your travels. Not only are there great reasons to visit Bulgaria but you’ll get fantastic value for your money when exploring the country whatever the type of holiday ...

DUNKIRK – how the beach has changed since 1945

The French beach ‘Dunkirk’ is right next to Calais. In 1945 It was a target the Germans used to take over England during WW2 and to get to England the Germans had to push their way through Paris. One the Germans reached the beach it was bombed for months as wel as German soldiers attaching the British, American and Canadian ...

Budget Travel Tips (Before You Leave)

Being able to afford a holiday doesn’t have to empty your bank account.  If you plan your travels carefully beforehand you can even increase the amount of times you travel in a year by following some simple budget travel tips. Be Flexible: If you’re adaptable about when and where you travel, even by a few days, you could be saving ...

The real Los Angeles

The words ‘Los Angeles’ conjure up typical images; the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame and the Oscars, to name a few. LA and celebrity culture go hand in hand, but the city is so much more than this. The beaches are spectacular, the food is varied and delicious and the people are friendly and active. Los Angel-ites are a healthy bunch and many of the activities revolve around this kind of lifestyle. The real LA lies behind its celebrity facade, so here are 10 alternative activities to the standard tourist options
Abbot Kinney
Located near Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney is an area packed to the rafters with hipster shops and cool cafes. Head to Café Gratitude for a healthy and delicious brunch, options such as cashew crepes making up their 100% plant based menu.

Venice Beach
Near the aforementioned Abbot Kinney, Venice Beach does draw in the tourist crowds but for good reason. Stroll along the boulevard and check out the hippy shops, street performers and rollerbladers that line the boardwalk to the beach.

Venice Ca


24 Hours In Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is a relatively small city by UK standards. Despite it’s size, however, it is Wales’ cultural and political centre, with plenty of things for tourists to see and do. It is easily accessible with it’s own airport and rail links all across the country, so it’s a great place to visit for a short ...

Getting the most for your money in Italy

Italy is a world famous tourist destination, and for good reason. With it’s friendly people, ancient architecture and amazing food, it’s the ideal holiday spot for many people. For this reason, however, it gets very busy, especially in the summer. Here’s the best places to go to avoid the largest of crowds. You’ll get to sample a bit of the real ...

Top 4 Destinations for an eco-friendly holiday

When picking out holiday destinations, there are often specific criteria you look for, temperature, value for money or range of activities, to name a few. One thing we should all be looking for, however, is how eco-friendly a place is. Eco-tourism has come into its own in the recent years, with many places offering eco-friendly holidays that aid the environment ...

5 of the best books to inspire travel

During this time of the year work commitments and university deadlines start to take their tole and sometimes it’s just nice to get away. If you can’t find time to venture abroad to warmer climates, get your fill of escapism through the writings of others. After all, picking up a book is a lot cheaper than a booking a flight… Here’s ...

Top 5 things to do in Milan

Milan is a unique Italian city. Unlike it’s antique counterparts of Florence and Rome, it’s a modern city that really does look modern. It’s the centre of Italy’s business and trade, as well as being an important city for the fashion industry. You only need to wander through Milan’s golden rectangle to get a taste of Italian glitz and glamour. ...

London: Free Boris Bike Hire This Weekend

The sun is going to be out this weekend in London, which means a hot and sticky tube to look forward to. Great. Have no fear, Santander Cycles – or as we know them, Boris Bikes – are free to use this weekend (13th-14th August). Of course, whenever something is free there are usually strings attached, so here’s the lowdown: ...

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