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Spin out the summer: getaways for sun seekers

Summer is technically over but it isn’t quite time to cozy up under a blanket by the fire just yet with autumn being our favorite season to head out on sunny yet cheap adventures. Even better news? No need to leave Europe to make the best of a week-end getaway, a short low-cost flight heading south will do the trick. If a culturally vibrant city may ...

72 hours in Bucharest

City breaks are great but what happens when you’ve seen most of the cities like Paris, London, Madrid and so on? The answer is simple, go for the less obvious ones and you are not going to be disappointed. Bucharest is one of those such cities. Its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation as the ‘Little ...

Hiking for dummies: how to prepare yourself

Whether you go to photograph nature, reconnect with Mother Earth, challenge yourself or just out of obligation, trekking over the course of a few days isn’t for the light hearted. It takes several cold nights, blisters and litters of sweat to really get to the bottom of it and every minute might not be enjoyable. But if as autumn creeps upon us, ...

The Amalfi Coast, the alternative way

Crystal clear waters, jaw dropping cliffs, spectacular scenery…the Amalfi Coast in Italy fits every holiday cliche you could imagine. Despite this, it really is stunning.

Located on the western coast of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is an hour or so drive from Naples. It is the Italy of movies and tv shows; perilous roads snaking around jagged cliffs connecting quaint Italian towns with lemon trees aplenty. The region’s natural beauty draws thousands of visitors each year, so sometimes it’s difficult to know where to go to avoid the tourist traps and truly experience la dolce vita, without those pesky queues that trust me, the Italians just don't do.

Here’s 5 ways to experience the Amalfi coast ….

1. Maiori and Minori

These two towns are lesser known than some of their larger counterparts (think Sorrento and Capri), but Maoiri and Minori are just as beautiful. With a luscious green backdrop, these towns are less hilly than the others, the cobbled streets stretching back further away from the coast. Follow


5 Common Travel Scams (And How to Avoid Them)

No matter how diligent we think we are,  there are always people out there who are drawn to preying on foreign visitors.  Being tricked or scammed can ruin a holiday so don’t fall victim to these hoaxers and find out how you can avoid some of the most common travel scams. 1. Fake Fines Embed from Getty Images In some ...

Cities For Food Lovers

Food plays a major role in every culture across the world. So the only way to fully immerse yourself in a country is to feed the soul. Literally. Some cities are a foodie’s paradise – offering vibrant food markets, food-from-source experiences and avant garde cooking. Here are just a few: Nicosia, Cyprus I’m slightly biased, but Cyprus is like a ...

The benefits of delaying your gap year

I don’t believe in regret. Things always happen for a reason. So when I went backpacking around Asia at 29 years old, I had a cultured, socially and environmentally responsible experience that didn’t involve tubing in Vieng Vang, destroying beaches in Koh Phangan or exploiting workers in Xi’an City. Travelling around Asia was something I started planning when I was ...

Get to know Lille, France’s most underrated city

From the traditional Flemish architecture of the main square to the peaceful paved alleys of the old town, enjoy wandering around the safe haven that is the underrated city of Lille, France. Nicknamed the ‘little Paris’, the capital of the Flanders slowly bloomed from an industrial town to an up-and-coming second city with a range of both unique and diverse ...

Best of London’s Green Spaces

When you’re done with all the shopping and nightlife in the streets of London, kick off your heels, enjoy some of the green spaces and forget that you’re in a capital city as you relax in the tranquility from urban life. London has many local parks and every borough has its own unique open space with all the usual amenities that ...

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