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The three best offbeat festivals this summer

Every year festival goers are spoilt for choice, with thousands of festivals across Europe to choose from. However, many of them might seem very much alike, offering the same music for the same costly ticket prices. Here though, we have three festivals that are exceptionally different, and striving to stand apart from their rivals, with great value, tantalising locations, daring performances ...

Angkor Wat: A 21st Century way to see an 8th Century Wonder

Cambodia is a country that has endured a huge amount of suffering, when it wasn’t being colonised and controlled by the French, or later bombed by the Americans (during the Vietnam War), the country was under the rule of the tyrannical Khmer Rouge; the nationalistic communist group, led by Poll Pot. After they had finished “cleansing” the country, it had ...

Ryanair reports big annual profits

The budget Irish airline has reported a big rise in annual profits.

Chinese company sends 6,400 employees on French holiday

Chinese billionaire Li Jinyuan treated 6,400 of his employees to a holiday in France at a cost of £24million.

Li Jinyuan, the billionaire owner of Tiens Group,booked 140 hotels in Paris for his employees who were treated to the holiday.

The workers traveled to Nice at the end of the holiday to spell out “Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Côte d’Azur.”, confirmed as the longest human made phrase by Guinness World Records.

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