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Tornadoes Usher in Winter Weather Across the United States

US Weather Traffic accidents caused by a massive storm killed at least four people and possibly seven in Garland, Texas on Saturday. The unofficial death toll from the storm is 11. Another 15 are injured in Copeville, Texas.

Garland police officer Pedro Barineau said it is not clear whether three people found dead in vehicles are part of the four involved in traffic accidents or additional deaths as tornadoes threw cars from Interstate 30 and the George Bush Turnpike.

Collin County Sheriff Deputy Chris Harvey said that not everyone has been accounted for in the homes that are destroyed. Barineau said about 600 structures are damaged and called it, “total devastation.”


Damage from the tornadoes stretched over about a 40-mile long area from 20 miles south of Dallas to an area northwest of the city, according to Fox News reports.

The Red Cross is setting up shelters for people whose homes were damaged.

The major storm spreading across the United States is causing blizzards in addition to the tornadoes as the storm tracks northeastward from the South Central states. Road and flight cancellations are expected. The Midwest and Northeast will be a risk for ice, rain and snow early next week, according to the reports.

Earlier in the week a storm system across parts of the South claimed at least 10 lives in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas. The National Weather Service reported that one tornado started in Mississippi and stayed on the ground roughly 150 miles through Tennessee. At least 13 other tornadoes touched ground on Wednesday.


Spring-like storm to deliver rare December severe weather; flooding possible early next week

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