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Top Nail Colour Trends For Summer

Unpredictable the sunny weather may be but that shouldn’t hinder us from utilizing its summery energy while it’s here.

Nail painting is one of the easiest forms of creative decoration and the great thing is that any colour can be changed easily. Given the vast array of shades that are available and with each colour possessing its own energy and tone, there is bound to be one that is both perfect for summer and uniquely complimentary for you.

Here is an assortment of colours to choose from which reflect the joie de vivre and radiance of summer.




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Bright, soft and cheerful, fuschia encapsulates the spirit of summer. Its brightness can be toned down with neutral coloured clothing such as off white, brown and grey.


Reddish Pink


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The pinkish undertone and the red conjoin to produce this beautiful flowery shade with a very rosy appearance.



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This baby pink is feminine and classic and would look cute worn with a summer dress. Soft and lighthearted, it is reminiscent of the blossoms of spring. This has a vintage quality and old fashioned elegance.




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A dreamy lavender shade, with a pastel tone. This would look lovely matched with white or off white, green, grey or navy blue clothing.



Light Berry Pink


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This is perfect for the summer months as opposed to a darker purple. It combines the soft, romantic look of pink with a bolder, plum coloured undertone.


Pearl White

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Glamorous pearl white is very versatile and there is virtually no colour that it does not dazzle alongside. In the daytime it looks great and it is also suitable for summer evenings. It is both understated and bright.


Glitter Pastel


picture from www.alllacqueredup.com


Bright, beautiful and fun: glitter nail polishes have become increasingly popular for all year round and they definitely fit the spirit of summer. Perfect if you want to sparkle like the sun!




picture from www.pinterest.com

Though it has a reddish pink tint, the base of coral is sunny orange. This makes it extremely suited to summer and you really can feel the warmth of this colour.


Baby Blue

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This could be just right if you like a shade that is different. It draws you in like the sea or sky.


Dark Berry Pink


picture from www.pinterest.com


A bolder version of the fruity colour that combines the summery shades of purple, pink and red. It is magnetic, cheerful and extremely versatile.


What colour will you choose?

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