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6 popular costume ideas for this Halloween 2015

Bored of wearing the standard zombies or vampire costume? Read on for some popular and viral Halloween costume ideas. But don’t wait too long!

Donald Trump

Feeling political this Halloween? How about a Donald Trump costume. The mask is a limited edition creation from Mexico.

Star Wars


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Captain Phasma Costume For Kids (Disney store)

Star wars is full of costumed heroes and villains and with the new movie this year, we’re confident this will be a popular dress up choice.


Inside Out

Let people know how you’re feeling at the Halloween party by going as one of the emotions from Pixar’s Inside out.

Katy Perry / Left Shark

adult-katie-perry-left-shark-costumeDress as the meme and dance to your own tune.

Orange is the New Black

orange-is-the-new-black-costumesA easily recognisable costume from Netflix’s popular series. You might not want to wear this one near any prisons if you are in America though.

That dress


Blue and black or white and gold? who cares.

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