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Top 5 Spots in South Africa’s Garden Route

South Africa is a wonderful holiday destination. From the pristine beaches of Cape Town to the natural wonders of the Kruger National Park, South Africa has something for everyone. There is, however, one area often overlooked in the classic South Africa tour: the Garden Route. The Garden Route is a region of South Africa that lies between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth; an area complete with stunning beaches, diverse wildlife and plenty of historical and cultural sights. Here’s 5 places you must visit when travelling along the Garden Route:

Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay — Plett to the locals — is a seaside town in the middle of the Garden Route. The town is filled with surf shops, healthy cafés and fun bars, but the Plett’s real selling point is its natural surroundings. The Robberg Peninsula is a beautiful spot for an afternoon hike, especially when South Africa puts on its very best sunny weather.


Mossel Bay

The town of Mossel Bay is quite small and nothing outstanding, however, no tour of the Garden Route is complete without visiting the bay for one reason only: shark cage diving. Even though throwing yourself into shark infested waters might sound a little daunting, getting up close and personal with these marine animals is an amazing experience.




The town of Wilderness lives up to its name. Sandwiched between the Touw River Lagoon and the Indian Ocean, is the perfect spot for outdoor activities. Hike up to the Touw river waterfall, go parasailing over the ocean or spend time relaxing at the beach before sipping a drink in front of a well deserved evening braai.


Knysna Lagoon

The lagoon in the town of Knysna is stunning. Head up to the lookout point and marvel at the views, before heading to the beach for a relaxing afternoon. Knysna is also home to an Elephant Park which allows you to get up close and personal with these wonderful animals.


St Francis Bay

At first, St Francis Bay seems like a strange little town. All of the houses are white with black roofs, which, although at times a little disorientating, is rather quaint. The town is quiet, but has lovely beaches, great restaurants and opportunities for water sports, whale watching and boat trips.



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