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Top 5 Foods to Eat in February

January is done and dusted, and if your New Years Resolution of eating healthily has taken a little slump, February is the month to get back on the wagon. Although February is a month known for it’s notoriously bad weather and short days (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s a great month for produce; with wonderful foods coming into season. Here’s a list of 5 things you should be eating in February:


Venison is still in season in February, and is a great meat to slow cook. Perfect for a hearty and warming stew with potatoes, carrots and other seasonal vegetables. What more could you want in the cold weather?



This root vegetable is also in season. Peel it like a potato, and use it in place of other root vegetables such as butternut squash to make soup or mash as a side dish to a meat dish.




February is a good month for seafood, and scallops are no exception. Lightly pan fry scallops in a pan and serve with pumpkin puree and pancetta for a light starter to a 3 course meal.



This vegetable is best served sweet, often stewed. Use it to spice up your classic apple pie filling or add it to muesli or granola for a seasonal breakfast treat.



The humble potato is still in season in February, and lets not forget the many, many ways to use this underrated ingredient. Mashed, boiled or roasted, you can’t go that wrong.


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