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Top 5 Fallout 4 features

Fallout 4

Release date 10/11/15



Tomorrow is the release date of the next installment of Bethesda’s beloved Fallout with fans expected to be lined up for midnight release.
So here are our top 5 features that will surely make you want tomorrow to come just that bit sooner!


1. Say goodbye to your social life as Fallout 4 is predicted to have around 400 hours of game play!

2. No more saying goodbye to Dogmeat dying accidentally like in Fallout 3 as Bethesda have confirmed he is immortal in the sequel.

3. No level cap and 275 different perks.

4. More more more weapons and modifications and the classics such as the Fat Man are still included.

5. More dialogue then Skyrim and Fallout 3 combined- 111000 lines feature in Fallout 4.


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