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Top 4 Destinations for an eco-friendly holiday

When picking out holiday destinations, there are often specific criteria you look for, temperature, value for money or range of activities, to name a few. One thing we should all be looking for, however, is how eco-friendly a place is. Eco-tourism has come into its own in the recent years, with many places offering eco-friendly holidays that aid the environment rather than inflicting harm. Here’s 4 of the best eco-tourism destinations for those eco minded travellers.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica is one of the world’s greenest and more biodiverse countries. Their tourism industry is instrumental in ensuring this sustainability, and there are plenty of eco-friendly tour packages for visitors to this central American country. Pay a visit to Tortuguero National Park, where you can stay in an environmentally friendly lodge and check out the incredible variety of species that call it home.


Sweden was one of the first European countries to take eco-tourism seriously. Make sure to book into a Nordic Eco-labelled hotel when booking somewhere to stay, and look into tours with an eco-friendly label. They’ll use local guides and offer you locally produced food; so helping the environment is just part of the fun.


Australia has an eco-tourism board that oversees the development of eco-tourism in the country. Australia plays host to 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the sand island of Fraser Island, the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The country is a top tourist destination for good reason, and eco-tourism allows this label to prevail.

South Africa

With it’s incredible range of native wildlife, South Africa places a lot of importance on eco-tourism. It has many national parks, with eco-friendly safari options, as well as multicultural, thruving cities. Eco-tourism is also developing as a way to help South Africa’s high level of poverty. Thus visiting the country helps the environment and the people who live there.

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