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Tianjin blast: update

50 people have been killed and hundreds injured after an explosion rocked the Chinese port city of Tianjin. 

The explosion reportedly happened shortly before midnight local time on Wednesday night. The blast happened in a warehouse used for storing chemicals.


At the time of writing, 12 firefighters were known to have died, with 36 others missing.

Wen Wurui, head of Tianjin’s environmental protection bureau, said pollution levels were being monitored.

“It would be harmful if you breathe in [this toxic air] for a long time,” he said.

“But at present, it has not exceeded [the standard] too much based on our monitoring.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has promised  a thorough investigation and that no effort will be spared to help the injured and minimize the number of casualty’s.

Will Ripley, a reporter for CNN, was reporting on the explosion via Skype to the studio when a group of men who appeared to be shouting at and pushing the reporter.



The fire was reportedly under control by Thursday afternoon local time, officials stopped firefighters so that chemical experts could work and examine the site. 

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