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Through the eyes of a teenager after loss

It is easy for any person to act bad and handle loss hard. Children get plenty of attention from people who feel bad that someone so young has lost someone, where as teenagers don’t get that kind of consideration. Teenagers understand that death means they will never see that person again and all that is being thought in a teenagers head is that no child understands anything about loss.

A teenager feels like doing nothing besides be miserable. Since children get lots of attention and adults seem to just get on with things as if everything is alright, not realising that experienced adults know how to accept loss. All there is to think about every morning while waking up is school and no neighbours wanting anything to do with an inexperienced youngster while assuming they will be moody all the time, as well as going to school with no real friends that care more about their own problems. All talents and fun with sports is only seen at school, away from the world.

All children do is have fun and play, since when do teenagers get the chance to play where ever and whenever they want. Being so independent while having everyone expecting you to be perfect is not the type of thing a teenager with problems wants. What is the point of putting on a smile for no reason.

Smiling after someone has just died would mean that there aren’t any problems at all, which means the problem will defiantly not get better. Having an adult laugh or smile will only feel like they don’t care about the problem, they are happy and will never see the pain which no one is helping to change. Attention and being spoiled is what a teenager wants to have someone show that they are cared for, instead of just children and adults being shown attention, where as no one cares about an inexperienced teenager.

With no one fixing the fact that a person will never come back or even cares about it means to a teenager ‘I will just have to sort out the problem myself’. The only other way is to just feel better instead, at least that is easy to control. People will soon notice the pain if anger and using bad language, drugs, alcohol and self-harm is shown, so which one is the best way to try.

Counselling is defiantly not a choice, they say everything will be okay when it obviously won’t be, after all they say what they are getting paid for and not fixing any problems. Reality is school and boredom all alone with nothing, what is there to smile about.

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