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Three New Apps to Get Excited About

Here’s our run-down of the latest and most popular new apps on the market – these are ones to watch! (Or download, play with, use…)




Luckytrip app  Luckytrip app 2  luckytrip 3

What is it?

An app that finds you a whole holiday itinerary at the tap of a button!

How does it work?

Use the slider to set your budget – anything from £150 to £1000+ – and let the app find you a trip away. Using Skyscanner and to find the best priced flights and accommodation in a destination, it amalgamates all of this information and then adds a personal reccomendation from the team about what you should do whilst you’re there. There’s the option to change your accommodation choice by swiping left, and if you’re not sold on the trip it’s provided you with, you can just tap the ‘lucky’ button again and get a whole new itinerary. When you’re happy with the trip, simply book through the app.

The best thing about it?

The fact that you can cut out the hours of searching for cheap flights and reading reviews of hotels, and simply book a great trip at the touch of a button.

iOS: Free



Pause app  Pause app 2  pause app 3

What is it?

A new meditation app from the makers of Monument Valley.

How does it work?

The screen shows a blurred dot, which you must slowly trace around the screen. If you’re going too fast or slow then the app advises you to slow down or maintain momentum. The app is based on Tai Chi relaxation techniques, and aims to de-stress by forcing you to concentrate on the calming soundtrack and the soothing lava lamp-like blob. Unfortunately, the app can’t mute any other notifications which you might receive when using it, but it can certainly help you to relax and re-focus. You can adapt the app to the time you have, too – it’s set to 10 minutes by default, but you can adjust it in settings.

The best thing about it?

It can really help you to take a moment – a pause from all those notifications and emails and texts – and find your zen place (all together now, ooooohhhhhhmmmmmmm…)

iOS: £1.49


Psych! Outwit your Friends

Psych app  Psych app 2  Psych app 3

What is it?

A fun game of trivia for multiple players, where the aim is to – you guessed it – outwit your friends, whilst also trying not to be outwitted by them.

How does it work?

Chat show extraordinaire Ellen Degeneres has teamed up with Warner Brothers again after the success of Heads Up! to bring you another app-based game to play with your mates. The game is meant to be played with a group of two or more people, and players must come up with fake answers to trivia questions, which are then mixed with the real answer to try and fool the group. There’s the dual purpose of using a suitable – or just plain funny – answer to fool your mates, as well as not falling for theirs and picking the right answer yourself. Ellen herself promises that it’s “the most fun you’ll ever have”…

The best thing about it?

It’s great for kids, and forces them to interact with their friends whilst playing, instead of becoming an app-recluse with their eyes glued to the screen!

iOS and Android: Free (offers in-app purchases)

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