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Three Albums Every Millennial Should Live By

As a self proclaimed music head I often steer far away from pretentious articles that act as declarations for music consumption. Music is subjective and everyone has different tastes so all of you so called influencers and gatekeepers give it a rest. However with that being said there are three albums that EVERY millennial should live by and if you aren’t up on them yet take notes and indulge to better the quality of your life.


Man On The Moon: The End of Day – Kid Cudi


Kid Cudi’s debut Man on the Moon is undoubtedly the rapper’s most impressive piece of work to date. Narrated by Chicago rapper Common MOTM is a conceptual album featuring production from Kanye West, No I.D and Plain Pat boasting timeless hits such as” Day ‘N’ Nite”, “Make Her Say” and “Pursuit of Happiness”. However commercial success is not the reason why MOTM should be an essential part of your archives, it’s the footprint Cudi often dubbed “The Originator” left on rap music.

8 years after its release MOTM is still the blueprint for many of today’s artists from ASAP Rocky to M.I.A a little of Kid Cudi lives within them, and who can blame them MOTM was literally a masterpiece. The unparalleled honesty and storytelling of a diary wrapped up and shipped straight to our headphones, some may argue Cudi has lost his way since however MOTM solidifies his place in Hip-Hop aristocracy.


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West



Ye’s fifth studio album was essentially an apology to the world. After his highly publicised drunken blunder at the 2009 MTV VMA awards Kanye was public enemy number 1 and for all intents and purposes exiled from the world of music, fortunately for us the creative genius that is Mr. Kanye West retreated to Hawaii assembling an all star roster of musicians to create the monumental My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

MBDTF is Kanye’s coming off age an album so great we could forgive him for bum rushing MTV’s stage, demanding the mic and representing LA’s faction of the Bey hive pushing a teenage Swifty to tears. MBDTF was an animal of its own sparking a turning point in rap music where the artist meticulously directed the whole production of an album from artwork to features, MBDTF exemplifies art pushing boundaries and exposing rap artists to a new way of creating that had never been tried before.




In Search Of… – N.E.R.D


The multi–instrumentalist rock band N.E.R.D is the brain child of legends Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley and 2001’s In Search Of was their debut to the world. The trio coming out of the unassuming Virginia Beach burst onto the scene with their skateboards and never turned back. Before that day I don’t think anyone had ever uttered the words “alternative rock funk hip-hop” to describe an album.

Nothing like N.E.R.D had ever been seen before classical trained musicians making rock and funk infused rap music. With In Search Of N.E.R.D broke down musical barriers blurring the lines between genres which now seem non-existent. Today’s fluent music industry where genre hopping artists like Chance The Rapper and Kaytranada continue to prosper would not exist without N.E.R.D’s In Search Of, and not to mention their distinct sense of street style which is now a staple.

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