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These quick Autumn hacks that will instantly make your life easier

These autumn hacks are sure to make your life easier. So get inside, close the door and take your soaking wet shoes off and relax.

Preserve pumpkins


Pumpkins rot fast so to combat this spray them with bleach water to keep them looking fresh throughout Halloween.


Keep shoes dry


Use an old newspaper or the Sun and stuff as much of it as you can into your wet shoes. The newspaper will absorb the moisture in no time.

Have a umbrella that doesn’t break


Umbrellas break from the slightest gust of wind because they are cheaply constructed. Reinforce the canvas to the metal spokes with dental floss (which is thicker and stronger than the thread the manufacturers use)

Emergency my iphone is drenched from the rain!


If your beloved iPad/ iPhone/ Kindle etc gets wet, turn it off, dry it with a towel and then cover it in a bowl of uncooked rice and leave it for 24-48 hours. When you take it out it should be dry.

Take vitamin D supplements


With less sun there is less vitamin D, so stay healthy by taking a daily supplement.



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