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The Top 4 Fitness Trends of 2016

‘New Year, New You’ is the most overused phrase at this time of year. Pretty much everyone goes into the new year with the desire to tone up, lose the Christmas weight and get healthy. Here’s a few of the hottest new fitness trends to help you sprint, climb or spin your way into a healthier 2016.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is moving away from the child’s birthday party domain to one of fitness. Recently, many Rock Climbing centres have introduced fitness classes to their programs, a perfect fit for the adrenaline lover who cannot bare to just run on a treadmill. It uses muscles in both the upper and lower body, and greatly improves strength, as well as being more entertaining than going around and around on the cross trainer.


Remember when you were a kid and spent all your free time running around playing games outside? Playtime is the adult-friendly version of this. Focussed on fun and fitness, playtime involves races and team games; making fitness fun for all the ages.


High Intensity Interval Training came onto the fitness scene in 2015, and will continue to have great precedence in the coming year. Short, intense workouts are varied and switched every 15-20 seconds, so you don’t have time to get bored. The classes last about 25 minutes long, so are perfect for the busy workaholic. The ‘no time to go to the gym’ excuse just doesn’t fly anymore…

Beyoncé Dance Class

Seen on Screen Fitness have pioneered a new way of exercising: learning to dance like no other than Queen B. Getting your sweat on is so much more fun when you’re dancing to a throwback tune. It’s the healthy version of going out on the weekend, so what’s not to like?

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