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Press conference of the long-awaited movie for which no poster or trailer has been released

The Race For Gold: Martin Scorsese enters the 2017 Oscars with ‘Silence’

It will be a decade come 2017 since Martin Scorsese last won his first and only Oscar with the motion picture The Departed. And despite the lack of trailer or even poster, the American director’s newest feature Silence has officially been set for a 2016 release and already is in the Oscars’ race for best film.

Adapted from the 1966 novel of the same name written by Shusako Endo, Silence features icons including Golden Globe nominee Andrew Garfield (Amazing Spider-Man), Oscar nominee Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List), Adam Driver (Star Wars: Episode VII: Force Awakens) and Ciaran Hinds (Munich). Describing the release as long-awaited would be an understatement as Scorsese first mentioned directing the feature about 20 years ago.

With this said, the film does comes with some potential disadvantages as some sources indicate a film originally running as long as 195 minutes. With a quite-specific running theme being the Jesuit missionaries in Japan during the 17th century, the movie appears tricky to market and its duration is likely to be cut to make it more accessible for a larger audience.

Only a handful of images have been released so far

Only a handful of images have been released so far

Others issues came up not only regarding the feature itself but its race to the Oscars. Due to its late release, getting screeners out to certain voting bodies in time could cause issues. For now on, Silence seems to be making the same mistakes the other Scorsese production of The Wolf of Wall Street did a few years back: arriving too late in the game and missing out on the Screen Actors Guild’s nominating committee.

With that said, there will be no doubt on a National Board of Review’s screening of the film in New York, its entering deadline being on November 27th. As we slowly enter the awards season, various studios already have a strong contestants to put forward such as Stephen Frears’ Florence Foster Jenkins or the soon-to-be-released Denzel Washington’s Fences, in which he also holds the leading role. Based on August Wilson’s Pulitzer prize-winning play, the motion picture is already foreseen as one of the Academy Awards’ favorites.

However, despite all of this confusion and hassle there is an actual film on a silver lining and I can’t think of a film that has been a disappointment coming from the mind of Martin Scorsese. Look at The Revenant and how successful that was and with the same themes such as faith and the length to which you’ll go to maintain it co-exists within this movie and with Neeson and Garfield leading the pact, you know that this film is in safe hands. There a lot to explore within this film, but for now Scorsese is back with a bang and let’s see if he can double his Oscar count come 2017.

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