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The lipstick that will change women’s lives

Ladies, you may have or may not have heard about the amazing Jeffree Star’s lipstick. The famous American make-up artist has created a very special lipstick that all women will love.

Called Velour Liquid Lipstick , this lipstick is really resistant and you can wear it for 12 hours. Apply the lipstick as if you are painting your lips and then wait until it drys. Whether it be the day or the night, you easily can eat, drink, kiss or do whatever you want to do and your lips will stay coloured!

The lipstick comes in a range of beautiful colours to suit everyone’s needs.



Jeffree Stars Lipstick

Jeffree Stars Lipstick

In America and UK many fashionsitas already use it. It’s THE lipstick that all ladies will need to have in their make up bag.

You can buy Jeffree Star’s products on his official website :

Check this video for more information about using the Velour Liquid Lipstick :



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