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An example of punishment in this society.

The Lion and the King (2001) – Movie Review

If there is one good thing I can say about this supposed film is that it is shorter than Dinosaur Adventure, and now that I think about it what does it truly mean to review a movie as bad as this?

First some context if you hadn’t read my previous review. Dingo Pictures is a German company that produces extremely low budget children’s cartoons, and low is a generous term. They take inspiration, for want of a less litigious term, from other popular character designs and elaborate upon that with about two more frames of animation. And that’s if they can be bothered.

Simba, sorry I mean Robin.

Simba, sorry I mean Robin.

The plot centers around a lion and panther that want diamonds. Why would animals want diamonds? Well I think it deserves a proper economic analysis:

An example of tool use in this society.

An example of a tool used in this society.

As you can see from the evidence above these animals clearly have a knowledge of tool manufacture and metallurgy. The fact that the crocodile with the Australian accent said that he had to steal it to hunt for the diamonds suggests that there is a high amount of income inequality in this society. Is it because they live in a feudal society?

Each species of animal in this kingdom has a clear role. For the example above the gorillas represent the military; the muscle that keeps the figurehead, the lion, in place. The crocodile is a friend of Robin, a prince of sorts, and throughout the film he is either playing games with a bouncy coconut, having a service performed on him by a peasant bird, or just finding ways to alleviate his boredom of luxury. So either his punishment represents a military coup of sorts, or perhaps an allegory for the French Revolution?

Perhaps the only thing we can take away from this is that you can find meaning and allegory in any media; and that perhaps true art is not found in your Warhols and Christos but in a poorly drawn picture of a crocodile being tied up by gorillas.

Probably not though.

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