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The Handbags of Fashion Week

Clothing is to Fashion Week as beaches are to holidays (great comparison, right?) but where would a gal be without her statement, or indeed understated, handbag? As fashion has evolved, designers have become much more creative when it comes to accessories and it wasn’t long before us mere mortal folk caught on. Fashion Week is the perfect time to show yours off! Catch the new and emerging ‘it’ bags you can buy below.

LV Handbag


Handbags have evidently gotten more elaborate as fashion week has become more of a media/celebrity scuffle. In the past, your bag was usually very practical and it was classic. However, these days said accessory is the ultimate fashion statement. It’s quick to be spotted on the catwalk and with the fresh trend of ‘see now, buy now,’ celebrities are strutting the piece the very next day. This in turn makes us more aware of current fashion fads and what we ought to expect in-store and online.

The skills of an atelier in the modern day era of fashion make for a whimsical masterpiece any one of us should be proud to covet. Your nearest luxury department store or online retailer will have all the best of what fashion week has brought to the handbag enthusiasts attention; a select gallery of which can be scrolled through below.




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