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Banksy's Dismaland Castle

The gates are open to Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’

The new project from the infamous, graffiti artist has been opened to the general public today.

Located at a derelict lido in the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, this “family theme park unsuitable for children” will be displaying work, not only from Banksy, but from over 50 handpicked artists, including Damien Hirst and Jenny Holzer.

The main ‘attractions’ include: Banksy’s Cinderella pumpkin crash, complete with paparazzi photographing the death scene; Jimmy Caulty’s post riot model village, including 3000 model riot police; Julie Burchill’s Jimmy Savile Punch and Judy set; and a model pond featuring overcrowded boats filled with asylum seekers, swerving dead bodies floating in the water.

Banksy hopes these pieces will reflect the show’s theme, that “theme parks should have bigger themes.”

The “festival of art, amusements and entry level anarchism” true identity was successfully kept under wraps, with reporters being shooed away before the official reveal and local residents being told that the constructions were part of a set for a Hollywood movie.

‘Dismaland’ will be open until 27th September and tickets are available to purchase here

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