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The Flash Season 3 Trailer: Flashpoint Begins

Season 2 of The Flash ended with Barry making a drastic decision. For those uninitiated into Barry Allen’s world, (that’s the Flash) keep your ears open for some quick details. At age 11 Barry witnessed the supernatural death of his mother, and so, in the CW series of The Flash, he lives with detective Joe West and his daughter Iris West. Flash forward to the future and Barry Allan, who works in forensic science, is struck by lightning from a particle accelerator created by Doctor Wells. At the close of season 2, Barry decides to go back in time to prevent the Reverse Flash (that’s the bad guy) from killing his mother. This act of travelling back in time completely alters the timeline, and thus Flashpoint beings, a major arc in the DC universe. What this essentially means is that Barry and the people he knows will exist in a timeline different from the one before. But, Barry is the only one who remembers the previous timeline.

The season 3 trailer gives a glimpse of what life looks like for Barry and other characters. Barry’s close relationship with the West family no longer exists, and Iris, his best friend and love interest, doesn’t know him very well. Team Flash is non-existent. Cisco is the richest man in America, and, fortunately, Barry is still a speedster. Alongside the changes to Barry’s relationships, season 3 introduces the much-loved Wally West as Kid Flash, Doctor Alchemy and an evil speedster in a black suit. Flashpoint even has consequences for other universes in DC, which means cross-overs will certainly take place.

Judging by the trailer, season 3 seems to have much in store for fans of The Flash. Wait with eager anticipation as CW’s The Flash premiers on October 4th 2016.

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