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The First Driver-less Cars Have Been Revealed In London

The first ever driver-less cars have been unveiled in London. They are going to be used at Heathrow airport and are set to be adapted from the current shuttles in the hope of driving out on the real streets of Greenwich later this summer.

The cars will be used for driver-less shuttles, parking and automated deliveries. and each of the pods will accommodate six passengers and a steward who will be there in case of an emergency.

Professor Nick Reed, the technical lead of the project, told Mashable “We are hoping to extend the trial period to include running it as a short service where members of the public can book to use the shuttle vehicles over defined routes,”


“If the trials prove successful, we expect these iconic vehicles to become a familiar sight in many cities around the world,” Reed said in a release.

There are three other trials that are planned in Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes.

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