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The Essentials on How to Survive Glastonbury Festival

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, going to Glastonbury can be a challenging experience amongst all the mayhem and madness. The mud is already waiting for the arrival of festival-goers who will descend en masse next week, so to ensure the safe return of yourself and all your possessions, here are some top tips to help you survive your time at Glastonbury.

Packing: resist the temptation to over-pack – remember, you’ll have to carry an over-sized bag, (plus your tent), a very long way from your car. It’s also a good idea to keep one outfit in your car so on your return, you’ll have a set of dry clothes to go home with. To keep your clothes and smaller items dry on site, take plastic bags or freezer bags.

Camping: the best advice here is to get there early! If you can’t, get your mates to save you a space, preferably away from any main walkways, not at the bottom of a hill.  Eager as you’ll be to head straight off into oblivion, spend time putting up your tent properly – you’ll thank yourself when you see flatten tents after the first heavy downpour.

Alcohol: Glastonbury is different to most other festivals and bringing your own alcohol isn’t a problem but think about what drinks you should bring that don’t need to be cold – a warm G&T isn’t a nice drink!

Tent Safety: don’t make it easy for thieves to take your belongings in one fell swoop so unpack your rucksack and spread your stuff around in the tent. If you’re really concerned, you can pay for lockers to keep your valuables safe while you spend time stumbling around, not losing your car keys. And never keep all your money in the same place.

Toilets: possibly worse than the mud, is the stench and state of the toilets, despite regular cleaning. Try to use the ones furthest away from the the main areas. Bring your own toilet paper, hand sanitizer and whenever possible, use the composting toilets – they smell less than the portacabins!

Navigation: getting lost is easy in Glastonbury so study the map to make sure you know where you live and where you plan to be over the festival. If you lose your friends, arrange a meeting point beforehand.

Food: don’t be tempted to over-buy food you won’t even unpack and too many perishables, well, will perish and get wasted! There’s enough reasonably-priced food out there so you won’t go starving, and, with such a huge menu selection to choose from, you also won’t even have to eat noodles the whole time.

Music: Work out where the acts are that you want to see are playing and plan accordingly. Many of the performers play more than once so if there’s a clash, check out other areas where they might be playing next. For popular night-time areas such as Shangri-La and Block 9, get there early to avoid the swarms of crowds who head there when everything else on site shuts down.

Embrace everything: Glastonbury is a mad, mad place so embrace everything. It’s not just about the music: try and see all kinds of different performances and experiences. Be free to wander aimlessly off the beaten track and stubble on things you’ll never get to see again.

Finally, always bring wellies and clear up your litter when you leave.



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