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The early Home And Away youngsters nearly 10 years later

Find out what the youngsters of the Australian soup ‘Home And Away’ are doing now, almost 10 years later!



Credit: bestofthebay/ idmb

Credit: bestofthebay/ idmb

On the 5th August 2005 Paul O’Brian showed his first appearance in the Australian soup ‘Home And Away’, located in Summer Bay as Jack Holden. Along with Jacks family comes Tony Holden his father and brother Lucas Holden and eventually forms a step mother Rachael Armstrong. Jacks career was a police officer which lead him to die by getting shot on 28th November 2008, on Paul’s last appearance.

Since Paul O’Brian has left Home And Away in 2008 he has starred in ‘Neighbours’ another Australian soup as Eric Edwards in 2013 and has recently played the role of  Bryant Hill in the ‘peace keepers’, alongside  Adam Bromwich.

Today in 2016 Paul O’Brian has opened a dance school in Melbourne St Kilda Australia, which is named ‘The actors nest’. The dance school has been opened to help teach acting by professional actors, teaching those wanting a successful career in acting.


Credit: Fanpop/Blu-ray

Credit: Fanpop/Blu-ray

Rhys Wakefield showed his first appearance in ‘Home And Away’ on the 5th August 2005 as teenage Lucas Holden while meeting Matilda at the surf club. Rhys’s last appearance in Home And Away was on the 14th February 2008, leaving to go to university. During 2005 and 2008 Lucas Holden gained Bell Taylor and Matilda Hunter as girl friends and a step mother named Rachael Armstrong  alongside his father Tony Holden, also with Jack Holden as a brother. Lucas also gained a baby step brother Harry Holden.

Today Rhys Wakefield is still an actor, he has played Michael in a recent film ‘Paint it black’ as well as playing Marcus in ‘Echoes of war’ in 2013 and starred in ‘Cardboard Boxer’ in 2015.


Credit: Pinterest/Taddlr

Credit: Pinterest/Taddlr

On the 21st January 2004 teenage Matilda Hunter played by Indiana Evans made her first appearance in Home And Away on the 21st January 2004 while at the caravan park with her twin brother Henry Hunter. Matilda had a big family, her mother was Beth Hunter with her father Jack Hunter. Along with her parents and twin brother there comes more brothers being Robbie and Scott Hunter and Kit Hunter as a sister. Matilda’s ex-half sisters were  Jade Sutherland, Kirsty Sutherland and Dani Sutherland by her ex – step father Rhys Sutherland.

Indiana’s last appearance was on the 24th July 2008, leaving for university.  She is now a singer, a song writer and has recently starred as Tash in ‘House husbands’ as well as Melissa in ‘Ash vs evil dead’ in 2015.


Credit: wikipedia/aces showbiz

Credit: wikipedia/aces showbiz

Teenage student and waitress Cassie Turner  was performed by Sharni Vinson. Her first performance was on the 18th March 2005 while on the beach riding a jet-ski where she met Ric. Cassie’s foster parents were Flynn and Sally Saunders, with Pipper Saunders as a sister later on in the years of Sharni’s time during Home And Away.

Sharni’s last appearance was on the 2nd April 2008 to go travelling not long after finding out she had HIV.  Today Sharni is a dancer, singer and model and has recently played the role of the queen in ‘Dragon Blade’ in 2015.

Home And Away is the second longest running soap drama in Australia. It first aired on the television in 1988 with characters who are still in the soap today. These characters include Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart and Morag Bellingham who was last seen earlier this year to fight a case of Zac MacGuire. It is currently shown on channel 5 at 6:00 and on five star at 6:30.

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