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The best and worst newspaper April fools of 2016 so far

Here are some of the best and worst newspaper headlines in celebration of April Fool’s day.


The Standard goes for a hipster startup idea. Then again anything can be a startup these days right?


Riding off the easter egg hunt trend, except not really having an easter egg to find, the Sun is sure to infuriate a lot of readers.


‘European Union chiefs are drawing up secret plans ordering member nations to incorporate the ‘ring of stars’ emblem of the Council of Europe into their flags,’ reports the Express.

Graphic artists will have drawn up designs for a new Union Jack with the EU stars ‘either displayed in the top left hand corner’ or ‘even more brazenly’ in the centre.



Joss Fülin, Head of Product Fabrication at BMW, is the inventor behind the xDrive Baby Boots, which ‘provide the perfect combination of practicality and maximum walking pleasure.’

‘You’ll never have to watch your toddler fall over again,’ reports the Mirror.


The Indy details a Scottish and Welsh plan to join via a bridge under the Isle of Mann, with the ‘Celtic Union’ among a number of name suggestions.


The Times, reported that Frederick Chetwynd-Talbot, president of the King’s College Indigenous Peoples’ Society, wants to rename Imperial after the mythical earth Goddess in what would be a ‘powerful mobilisation against institutional white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.’

The Times reports: ‘He argued that while he did not know which king “was behind King’s College”, “it is pretty certain he was a cisgender white man who oppressed someone”.’


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